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The law of the power of your thoughts

Discover how you can bring success to your life by using affirmations, the concepts of “The Secret” and “The Law Of Attraction”. Right now. Read my e-book "The law of the power of your thoughts" and find out exactly how to put this into practice.
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Next to the table of contents and the preface, you can read a new fragment from my e-book "The law of the power of your thoughts" every month. Discover how you attract success in every area of your life by affirmations. Read in my e-book how you can put this correctly into practice by means of affirmations.

Do you want to make a change in your life?

  • Do you long for all the love that you deserve?
  • Are you also looking for the answer to the question ‘why don’t I get what I want and why does it take so long’?
  • Do you also ask yourself if maybe you expect too much from life?
  • Do you know that you can succeed in every area of your life?
  • Would you like to eradicate your mood-swings?
  • Do you know what you really want?
  • Do you want success in every sphere?
  • Do you want to be yourself? To express your uniqueness?
If you always do everything in the same way as you did it yesterday,
you will never make progress and you will always experience the same things.

What can you learn?

Become aware of your thoughts. In my e-book "THE LAW OF THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS" you will learn:

  • why you have to be aware of your thoughts
  • how you can do that without it taking up all your time
  • how you can change direction right away
  • how this change of direction can bring about a change in your life
  • why you can really live out your desires
  • why it isn’t other people that cause the things that happen in your life
  • that only you can change your life into what you want
  • why blaming others doesn’t work
  • why just “hoping” for something doesn’t work (or not fast enough)
  • why sometimes things happen to you that you never wanted
  • that fighting against what you don’t want, doesn’t work, but asking a series of focused questions does

It is never too late to change.
Start changing today.
So let an established law work for you from now on.
Stop focusing on problems, it only makes them bigger.
Learn how to turn things around right now.
Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

The fruit of my own experience

I wrote this e-book because I have wrestled with all these questions, just like you may also be doing now and have been looking for answers for twenty-five years. Every answer has been tried and tested. The affirmations set out in this e-book have actually worked for me or have proved their effectiveness with other people. This book is the result of my own experience.

It is written from my own mind. This is what makes it different from other books about the power of thought. This book is from the heart and represents a personal synthesis of many other books and, above all, it comes from a great wealth of experience. It is practical. Learn how you can make a law of nature work in your favour. What has helped me can help you too. It is no accident that you have arrived at this webpage: your being here proves that the time is ripe for you to assimilate these ideas. This is the right moment to give your life the direction it needs!

What can I expect?

Here are some of the things you will get if you order "HE LAW OF THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS" now :
Part I sets out the basic principles and techniques

  • Section 1 covers how thoughts are creative; how the subconscious works; how to formulate affirmations; the collective soul; what to do if, what you want, involves someone else.
  • Section 2 looks at the reasons why you should use them: to boost your energy, to change your future, to understand that no one is to blame, for other people, and tackles the question as to whether there is such a thing as fate or destiny.
  • Section 3 describes how you can use affirmations or confirmations and their effectiveness: in thoughts, in speaking and in the written word. What visualisations are. That a card-index system is handy and useful.
  • Section 4 looks at obstacles that can inhibit the effectiveness of affirmations, why you have to be very precise, why you can’t allow yourself to have contradictory thoughts, why you mustn’t ask yourself how it works, you have to eradicate any resistance, doubts or negative attitude; how to forgive, how to be grateful and how to let go.
Part II links the theory to the practice and goes back over a number of key points.

Part III is the practical part and gives examples of affirmations (also called confirmations) in a variety of different areas such as relationships (with a partner or with a child), success, health, eradicating old habits, in the professional sphere, cutting the cord emotionally, protection and peace.

Discover how you:
  • can catch up on years of lost time, by setting aside just a few minutes a day
  • earn more money
  • bring more love and success into your life
  • can learn to use the right words and the right attitude to life

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e-book The law of the power of your thought

Discover how you can bring success into your life by using affirmations and the concepts of “The Secret” and “The Law Of Attraction”. Right now. Read my ebook to find out exactly how to put this into practice. You can download it straight away and get started today!
Now for only €14,00

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